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Charm the pants off your dream clients. With your words.


Hi there, creative entrepreneur. I can help you sell more by loosening up, showing your personality and writing more like you speak. Because your clients want to buy from people they like, not from businesses that sound like everyone else.

I’m your copy coach. Let’s make your brand irresistible. hemsida header copy.jpg

Look like the pro you are. Without sounding like a constipated business robot.

Something that happens to a lot of amazing entrepreneurs: They try so hard to sound “professional” that they lose all of their personality. And they end up with the same stiff corporate speak, industry jargon and cliches that everyone else uses.

It’s understandable. This is how we believe a business should talk. Proper and professional and business-y...

The problem with that: No one wants to buy from a boring business. They want to buy from intriguing and human-sounding brands. And writing copy that sounds both professional and approachable is crazy hard.

I know you’re a pro, and I know your brand has a charming personality. So don’t hide behind copy that doesn’t do you justice. Let me help you find the right voice and the right words to charm the pants off of your dream clients.

Who am I?


I’m Louise. Copywriter, brand strategist and entrepreneur. Obsessed with the art of persuasive communication. Fan of stand-up comedy, gangster rap, video games, horror fiction and crows.

My thing? Helping entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and creatives talk about what they do. Confidently. Seductively. Without sounding boring or constipated or not-like-themselves.

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Want letters from me? 

Once a week, I share my latest musings, insights and tricks on growing and running a business. On talking to your people without a stick up your ass. And staying happy and sane as a creative entrepreneur. Expect the occasional bad joke and embarrassing personal anecdote. Because we’re all friends here. Want in?

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Copywriting. Your unfair advantage

What makes your clients want you, and not someone else? It’s not your price. Not your “many years of experience”. Not the prettiness of your website. They choose you because of your unique personality and how well-spoken it is. In short: your irresistibility.

Your brand can be irresistible by:

  • Having a distinct voice and being (more of) yourself

  • Telling stories that captivate your readers

  • Building trust by being approachable and empathic

  • Speaking about your offerings with confidence

What would happen if you were as badass with your words as you are in your business? My guess: Your ideal clients would form a line in your inbox. And happily pay for the value you give them.

Now, let’s get real. I know how IMPOSSIBLE writing your own copy can be. Every word feels blah blah. Your sentences grow into messy piles of word spaghetti. You sound like the robot version of you, and you’re boring yourself to tears.

I also know how scary it can feel to have someone else write for you. I mean, it’s your business. Shouldn’t it have your voice? And what if it ends up sounding too sales-y, too braggy or too "copy-pasted"?

Don’t worry.

I get where you’re coming from. And that’s why I won't just to write something for you, I’ll write it with you. Together we’ll:

  • Find your unique brand voice and wield it like a weapon of mass-seduction.

  • Communicate what you do (and sell) in a way that’s so irresistible, you’ll barely keep from hiring yourself.

  • Make sure your copy doesn’t just look and sound pretty, it gets you real business results.

I’m on your side. Let’s do this together.

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