Copywriter | Brand Voice Consultant

Your voice = a weapon of mass seduction

As a solopreneur, the most powerful asset you have is your personality, and by extension, your voice. What you say and how you say it matters, a lot. Your words attract visitors to your website, turn visitors into fans, and fans into clients.

Is this writing and selling thing not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, I’ve got you.


Copy workshop:

Just wanna try me out?

Let’s do a no-strings-attached copy workshop. We’ll talk over phone or Skype and look at your website copy, your email copy, or other text you want feedback on. We’ll discuss your brand positioning, your ideal clients and your business goals. I’ll tell you what I think is good and what could be better. Then we’ll plot, scheme and brainstorm.

After the workshop, you’ll get a summary of our call, along with a list of ideas you can implement right away to start seeing results.

Time commitment: 1 hour

Your investment: $297

100% risk free. Your money back if you’re not satisfied with our workshop.

Copy makeover:

Does your website copy need a makeover?

A website without well-written words means lost potential. No matter how awesome what you’re offering is, if you’re not communicating it the right way, you won’t get the results you desire.

Don’t miss out on business because of less-than-stellar copywriting. Not when it’s so easily fixed. Let’s give your copy a makeover. And then we’ll sit back and enjoy the results: More action on your website, more inquiries, more sales and a growing email list.

What you’ll get: 

  • A 1-hour workshop with me, where we discuss your business, your ideal clients and your goals. What’s worked for you in the past and what’s not worked. And what results you envision for the new copy.

  • New versions of your copy, engineered to charm and sell like crazy.

  • 3 revisions, where we’ll work closely together to fine tune the copy.

  • A 3-month long follow-up process, where we analyze the results and make adjustments if we need to.

Time commitment: 1-14 days, depending on the amount of work.

Investments start at: $667 (Example: a landing page)

Average project fee: $1767 (Example: a regular-sized website)

Larger projects: $2700+ (If you have a lot of content)

I’m for you if…

  • You’re a solopreneur, freelancer, consultant, coach, or creative small business.

  • You depend on your personality and likability in your work.

  • You’re willing to invest in your business to make it flourish.

  • You can handle some tough love.

  • You appreciate a sense of humor. 😌

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Copywriting for newly hatched businesses:

About to start something awesome?

Then this the best place to start. Establish a strong voice for your brand from the get-go. You’ll maximize your chances to make a grand entrance, and to get all the sign-ups, replies, pre-orders and clients you can handle.

You don’t need a copywriter to dump some text in your lap. You need a copy coach: someone to brainstorm with you, help you make difficult decisions, and lead you through this exciting make-or-break moment of your new business. That’s why I won’t just write for you, I’ll write with you. You know your brand and your clients, and I know effective communication. Together, we make a hell of a team.

Our first order of business is a workshop. This is where we develop your brand’s success formula and tone-of-voice.

Then we’ll craft the copy for your website and any additional marketing materials you need.

After your launch, we’ll monitor the results closely. I’ll help you analyze how well your copy is performing, and make on-going adjustments as needed.

What you’ll get: 

  • A 1-hour workshop, where we’ll talk strategy and develop your brand’s unique positioning and tone-of-voice.

  • A brand voice style guide to help you confidently and effectively write your own copy.

  • Copy for all the content on your website, as well as any marketing collateral we decide on.

  • As many meetings as we need during our project timeline.

  • 3 revisions, to fine tune your copy into something you’re crazy proud of.

  • A 3-month long follow-up process, where we analyze the results and make adjustments if we need to.

Time commitment: 3-6 weeks, or more depending on scope.

Investments start at: $2167

Larger projects: $3267+ (Depending on how much content or collateral items you’ll need.)

Copywriting for newsletters:

Wanna see (amazing) results from your email marketing?

I love email communication. It’s one-to-one, it’s intimate, and it can be very, very profitable. But let’s face it: a lot of the emails sent by businesses are crap. You need a high level of quality and trust to be invited into someone’s inbox. That’s why it takes special skills to craft newsletters that are opened, read and clicked.

My strategy with newsletters is to put value and relationship first and let sales come as a natural result to that. Because that’s how we humans work: we buy from people we like and trust. Email is the best way to build this type of connection with your ideal clients. So that when you make them an offer, they won’t even have to think about it.

My emails come with well-thought-out subject lines, crystal clear calls-to-action and content that’s centered around storytelling and intimate dialog.

Every client I’ve worked with has increased the open- and conversion rates of their newsletters. For my own personal projects, I’ve had steady open rates of around 70%, and conversion rates of 20-30% when I’ve sold to my list. Most importantly: the response to my emails has been amazing and I’ve been able to get really close with my audience.

This is what I wish for you too. Let me help you create email campaigns that your ideal clients look forward to reading.

Timeframe and fee are decided on a per-project basis.

Investments start at: $997


Get your free strategy session

Not sure what you need? Let’s start with a free strategy session. It’s quick, it’s nice and relaxed, and it’ll help you step up your game. For about 30 minutes, we’ll chat about you, your business, your challenges, and how you’re going to take the world by storm.