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Dare to be un-click-worthy

For years, I've suffered from a common writer's ailment. No, not writer's block. Or... I mean, of course, writer's block too, but that's not the one I'm referring to here. This is another kind of ailment. It's plagued me ever since I got serious about growing my blog and my freelance business. It's contaminated my voice and made it bland, robotic, devoid […]

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Coming out of the closet (as a fiction writer)

In early 2017, I got the irresistible urge to start writing horror short stories. It had been years since I wrote fiction last. It's a periodical thing for me, even though it's always been my dream to be an author. Now, I'd gotten inspired to write stories in a contemporary setting, but with a Swedish folklore theme. I was bursting with ideas. And I had just read […]

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