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Screw professional. Go conversational.

"Conversational is the new professional."

It's a recurring phrase all over the internet where marketing is discussed.

What it means? Writing brand and sales copy in a more relaxed, conversational style. Writing in a way that sounds more like a human being talking than a business writing.

Conversational copy is not a new thing. Most advertisements that have stood the test of time are written in a conversational tone. It worked in the 60s, and it still works today. It's not a trend, it's the hallmark of great copywriting.

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5 bad writing habits (and how to quit them)

We all have bad habits. Our writing included. Some of our writing habits can be identity markers. Little quirks that make our writing sound uniquely ours. Some of them might even be worth keeping in, for brand voice purposes. 

But that's not what this post is about. This one's about the bad habits that will confuse, turn off, or even repel readers. The ones that might be losing us subscribers, clients and sales.

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