Copywriter | Brand Voice Consultant

About me


Name: Louise Stigell

Mission: To help brands communicate their awesomeness without sounding boring/stiff/cheesy.

Favorite clients: Creative entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses with big personalities.

Speciality: High-converting copywriting for websites and newsletter.

Allergic to: Corporate jargon, buzzwords and self-absorbed sales copy.


Random facts

  • My favorite color is black. (It IS a happy color, I don’t care what people say.)

  • Hobbies include: singing and playing the piano, writing horror fiction under a secret pen name, drawing birds and playing Lovercraftian board games with my boyfriend. 

  • I’m could easily subsist only on french fries and vegan Ben & Jerrys.

  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in game design and have been a huge nerd since the 80s. Also: video game music trivia champion.

  • I read on average 72 books a year and probably half of them are about psychology, entrepreneurship and marketing.

  • My favorite movie of all time is Aliens.

  • I run, do yoga and occasionally lift heavy things off the floor.

  • I am HSP - a Highly Sensitive Person.

  • I’m a huge corvid fan. Have a special thing for crows, ravens and jackdaws.

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Want letters from me? 

Once a week, I share my latest musings, insights and tricks on growing and running a business. On talking to your people without a stick up your ass. And staying happy and sane as a creative entrepreneur. Expect the occasional bad joke and embarrassing personal anecdote. Because we’re all friends here. Want in?


My story

1989: Wrote and illustrated my very first story while in kindergarten. About a family of turds living in a house that catches on fire.

2000: Started high school and became hip hop obsessed. Filled notebook after notebook with rhymes and performed my own songs in the school cafeteria.

2007: Discovered blogging while in college studying to become a game developer. (Which in my case meant binge playing World of Warcraft, knitting, and avoiding social interactions.) Started writing every day. Found my voice.

2010: Fresh out of college and broke, I started freelance writing out of pure desperation. And discovered that I loved it. Published a lot of magazine articles about psychology, personal development and online entrepreneurship. Found my journalist voice.

2012: Met my entrepreneur soulmate and co-founded a start-up. Pitched my ass off for several years and got a crash course in salesmanship. Found my copywriting voice.

2013: Worked as a digital strategist for a content agency. Realized I loved the work but was unemployable. Became serious about starting my own business.

2016: Started my first serious blog project for an international audience. Fell madly in love with email marketing.

2017: Moved from Stockholm to the small town of Gävle and started a one-woman web agency named Blackbird. Designed websites for small businesses.

2019: Went back to my true calling: to seduce and enthuse using the power of words. Crawled out of my boring business person shell and stepped up my copy game. Committed to helping others do the same.