Copywriter | Brand Voice Consultant

Hi, I’m Louise

I help freelancers, coaches and creative entrepreneurs communicate with charm and sell from their hearts.


The short version

  • Born and raised in Stockholm. Now living the country life up north, together with my partner of 11+ years.

  • I sing, play the piano, write horror fiction under a secret pen name, and occasionally draw/paint birds.

  • I read on average 72 books a year. Can read for 16 hours straight without getting sore/bored.

  • Favorite movie of all time: Aliens.

  • I run, do yoga and occasionally lift heavy things off the floor.

  • Could easily subsist only on french fries and vegan Ben & Jerrys.

  • Introverted and a Highly Sensitive Person. Myers-Briggs: INFJ. (And for you astrology nerds: “Capricorn sun, Cancer moon, Cancer rising”)

  • Crows. ❤️


The long version

1989: Wrote and illustrated my very first story while in kindergarten. About a family of turds living in a house that caught on fire. I had what you call a “an active imagination.”

2000: Started high school and became hip hop obsessed. Filled notebook after notebook with rhymes and performed my own songs in the school cafeteria. Also wrote sketch comedy, inspired by idols Jim Carrey and Kids in the Hall.

2007: Discovered blogging while in college studying to become a game developer. (Which in my case meant binge playing World of Warcraft, knitting, and avoiding social interactions.) Started writing every day. Found my voice.

2010: Fresh out of college and broke, I started freelance writing out of pure desperation. And discovered that I loved it. Published a lot of magazine articles about psychology, personal development and online entrepreneurship. Found my journalist voice.

2012: Met my entrepreneur soulmate and co-founded a start-up within the trending area of “gamification”. Pitched my ass off for several years and got a crash course in salesmanship.

2016: Started my first serious blog project for an international audience:, on the topic of being a highly sensitive and introverted entrepreneur. Built an amazing tribe from all over the world, self-published a book and feel in love with email marketing.

2017: Moved from Stockholm to the small town of Gävle. Felt a little burnt-out and confused. Quit social media and embraced a slow hustle philosophy. Eventually found my spark and got serious about freelance copywriting.

2019: Bought a house with my boyfriend and moved away from the city. Zeroed in on my dream clients: creative freelancers, coaches and entrepreneurs. Let go of all expectations of how a business person is supposed to be. Focused more on what type of business person I wanted to be. Is now helping others do the same. Because what’s the point of running your own business if you can’t be yourself in it?

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